How It Works

How Can FollowUpWorks Do So Much?

NOT Just Another Appointment Reminder System

FollowUpWorks addresses the most pressing problems all busy practices face!

With FollowUpWorks you can:

  • FILL last-minute cancellations ~ without ever picking up the phone ~ Automatically!
  • FOLLOW UP on ALL your unscheduled treatment plans ~ Automatically!
  • SEND APPOINTMENT REMINDERS using E-mail, Text and Voice ~ Automatically!
  • MOTIVATE your patients throughout the year ~ Automatically!
  • REDUCE missed Recalls
  • IMPROVE the efficiency of your practice
  • INCREASE patient satisfaction
  • And SO much more!

From its inception, FollowUpWorks was designed and constructed to think just like you, and to have the inherent flexibility to react and adjust to your practice’s ever-changing needs. What’s more, FollowUpWorks was built to be scalable and “smart” enough to “see into the future” and do things that, quite frankly, right now you don’t even think are possibilities. What’s that mean? In a nutshell, it means that the FollowUpWorks engine was built to work with a powerful set of building blocks that can be placed together in any manner you like in order to produce results that meet the specific needs of your practice.

Sound complicated?

It isn’t! Assembling campaigns with FollowUpWorks couldn’t be easier! In fact, we have tons of useful campaigns that you can use right out of the box. Our campaigns literally allow you to “set it and forget it.” Feeling creative? Great! You can use the power and flexibility of FollowUpWorks to create completely customized campaigns of any type and for any purpose. With FollowUpWorks and your imagination, the sky’s the limit!

What are the Steps Involved in Setup?


We’ll install the synchronization components necessary to link your practice management software to the FollowUpWorks system. This process is done remotely to minimize your time investment.


Our expert team will configure your account, set your preferences and get your campaigns ready for use. We’ll discuss your options and make sure that the system is set up to meet your unique needs.


You’re off and running! FollowUpWorks will start reactivating patients, filling appointments, and creating a more streamlined and efficient practice, saving you valuable time and dramatically reducing costs!

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