Change is Good!

There’s nothing wrong with tradition. And some things are best done the good old-fashioned way. Grandma’s apple pie recipe and Dad’s tips for a great golf swing probably don’t need any alteration. But when it comes to running an efficient practice, chances are you can benefit from change and a good look into the future.

Identifying Inefficiencies

One of the first steps in creating a more streamlined practice is to identify areas that are not operating at optimum efficiency. In our experience, one of the most common areas that needs drastic improvement is patient follow-up; or perhaps more precisely, patient follow-up methodology. There are times when patients absolutely want to speak with a live person, and in certain instances there is no replacement for human involvement and a personal telephone call. However, relying on the telephone and manual labor as a primary means of patient follow-up and scheduling is, to be blunt, an antiquated practice.

Your Patients are Mobile

Isn’t it ironic that with so many communication options available today your patients can be even harder to reach? That is especially true if you’re relying on the telephone as your primary tool for patient contact. Your patients are mobile, and you need a follow-up methodology that can reach them any time, at any place. You need a system that gives your patients options for reminders, confirmations, notices and more. A good patient communication system, such as FollowUpWorks, will do just that. You can reach your patients via email, text message and/or automated voice call and offer them a quick and easy way to confirm appointments, schedule appointments, read important notices about your practice and much more.

Streamline Your Practice and Boost Your Bottom Line

A good patient follow-up and communication system isn’t just about reminders and confirmations. A good system will help to improve the efficiency of your practice, reactivate inactive patients, fill last-minute voids in your schedule, reduce lost revenue due to missed recare opportunities and more. So take a good look at your practice in its current state. There’s never been a better time to improve efficiency, reduce costs and boost income!