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FollowUpWorks is absolutely the most effective patient communication tool since the invention of the telephone!

Laurence E. Fendrich, DMD

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Automated Patient Follow-Up

Say hello to the most powerful patient communication system ever created. Say hello to FollowUpWorks!

What makes FollowUpWorks so much better than other appointment reminder systems? It’s simple…

FollowUpWorks isn’t just an appointment reminder system. With FollowUpWorks you can also:

  • Fill last-minute cancellations without ever picking up the phone
  • Instantly follow up on unscheduled treatment plans
  • Create any customized campaign you can think of!

FollowUpWorks is quite simply one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to improve your practice, cut costs and boost revenue!

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Automated Patient Reminders | Email Text Voice

With FollowUpWorks You Can...

  • FILL last-minute cancellations ~ without ever picking up the phone ~ Automatically!
  • FOLLOW UP on ALL your unscheduled treatment plans ~ Automatically!
  • SEND APPOINTMENT REMINDERS using E-mail, Text and Voice ~ Automatically!
  • MOTIVATE your patients throughout the year ~ Automatically!
  • REDUCE missed Recalls
  • IMPROVE the efficiency of your practice
  • INCREASE patient satisfaction
  • And SO much more!

FollowUpWorks isn’t just another appointment reminder system. FollowUpWorks addresses the most pressing problems that all busy practices face: Last-Minute Cancellations and Unscheduled Treatments. Our powerful communication engine will effortlessly fill unforeseen open appointment spots and drastically reduce your overall number of unscheduled treatments… all AUTOMATICALLY!

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The FollowUpWorks Difference

FollowUpWorks isn’t just another appointment reminder system. Sure, we do that, but we hit two core problems that every practice faces.

Last-Minute Cancellations

We all have last-minute cancellations.  You know, when a patient calls at 10AM to cancel their 2PM recall visit or their crown prep appointment at 3PM that same afternoon? It just happens. And having your staff frantically make dozens of phone calls to try to fill the opening often proves to be a fruitless effort. That’s where FollowUpWorks comes in! FollowUpWorks will instantly search and find patients with any treatment plan you specify and AUTOMATICALLY contact them to see if they’d like to come in at your open time. You even have the flexibility to motivate patients to fill a last-minute opening by other means such as a percentage discount, a free gift… whatever you dream up. So, what’s an unfilled appointment time worth to your office?  We know… A LOT!!!

Unscheduled Treatment Follow-Up

Have you ever had a new patient come through the door where you provide a valuable appointment slot, a consultation, a treatment plan, and then that patient never returns?  It happens to every dentist, and it can be a major source of frustration and loss of revenue. Well, what if you could automatically stay in touch with that patient without using valuable staff time and resources? What if you could drastically reduce your overall number of unscheduled treatments and boost your bottom line? That’s exactly what FollowUpWorks will do for you… AUTOMATICALLY! And when that patient is ready to get started with their dental care, it’s YOU they’ll come to see!

A Look at What You Get

Flash Appointments

Are last-minute cancellations a major source of frustration that puts a bind in the flow of your practice? With the FollowUpWorks Flash Appointment engine you can fill last-minute voids in your schedule quickly and easily, improving your practice flow and regaining lost dollars!


Unscheduled Treatment Campaigns

How many times have you started a treatment plan and, somehow, the rest seems to fall through the cracks? FollowUpWorks‘ Unscheduled Treatment Campaigns will improve treatment plan completion rates and boost revenue!

Patient Recall Reminders

Inactive patients can be one of your biggest sources of missed revenue! FollowUpWorks will send recare reminders to patients who have been inactive for the period of time that you specify and prompt them to schedule an appointment, thus improving your bottom line.

Appointment Reminders

FollowUpWorks will automatically send patient reminders and confirm your appointments via email, text message and/or voice call. Use our proven out-of-the-box reminder campaigns, or completely customize your own campaign and send it based on the timing that you prefer.

Birthday Greetings

Show your patients that you care and that you’re thinking about them by automatically sending personalized, completely customizable birthday greetings. Birthday messages can also serve as a “mental nudge,” reminding a patient that he/she needs to schedule an exam.

Mass Patient Notifications

In today’s busy practice there are times when information needs to be disseminated immediately. Emergency closings, inclement weather and time-sensitive announcements can all create immediate communication needs. FollowUpWorks makes it easy to keep your entire patient list informed quickly, and all at once.

And That’s Not All!

FollowUpWorks was designed to think and work just like you! You’re limited only by your imagination!

Take a Closer Look Inside…

Following up with patients has never been so EASY! You’ll be amazed!

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Is Your Message Getting Through?

In today’s busy practice your patients are constantly on the go, and it’s your responsibility keep communication and follow-up consistent, efficient and convenient for your patients. You also need to be certain that the information you send will deliver your message regardless of the platform. With FollowUpWorks you get clean, consistent communication every time, regardless of the platform. Our notifications are designed to cover every platform including the following most popular systems:


Apple iPhone




MS Outlook (PC)


Apple iPad

Usage percentage of the top four email platforms.

Powerful Communication Tools

Every practice has unique needs, and your time is best spent focusing on what you do best: Providing exceptional care to your patients. With FollowUpWorks’ powerful communication engine you can literally “set it and forget it.” FollowUpWorks will take care of filling last-minute cancellations, following up on unscheduled treatments, reactivating inactive patients, confirming appointments and so much more!

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It’s Easy to Get Going!

Our expert team will have your practice set up and ready to go in no time at all!


We link your practice management software to the FollowUpWorks system.


Our expert team will configure your account, set your preferences and get your campaigns ready for use.


You’re off and running! FollowUpWorks is now providing a more efficient practice environment that cuts costs and boosts revenue!
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